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Zoya - Danielle Steel Would it be weird to say that I enjoyed the first half of the book, more than the second? The story of Zoya and her Grandmothers escape from Russia and life in Paris was much more interesting to me than her subsequent life in New York.

I felt curiously disconnected from much of the story, like reading an outline, rather than reading a novel - which is a problem I've had reading other books of hers. Which is strange because one of my favourite books is one of hers ([b:The Gift|59836|The Gift|Danielle Steel|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1320553625s/59836.jpg|1912773] - if you don't cry your eyes out reading that book then you have no heart).

So much time was spent setting up her life with Clayton and within 20 pages of reaching New York, it was all over and she was meeting the next love of her life. Another problem I have with it is her daughter - Sasha, now Zoya at work is described as a woman you wouldn't want to cross - so why can't she take her own daughter in hand? Why does she walk all over her?