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Faithless (Grant County Series)

Faithless  - Karin Slaughter This has sat on my bookshelf for 7 years - because I couldn't bring myself to read it. I don't want to accept that this series is almost at an end (especially when I already know how the final book finishes). Jeff makes these books for me and this one brought out a different side to him (or maybe it's just been too long since I read the previous books). He struggled so much with the case and with Sara.

Just when you thought they were back on solid ground in their relationship he has to throw in a possible health issue - caused by his previous affair. He seemed so helpless, it was truly heartbreaking when he confronted Sara about her reaction - how she never told him she loved him. He seemed resigned to the fact that she'd leave him - couldn't he see how crazy she is about him? Don't they know each other at all? Must be his age getting to him.

Religion is always a tricky subject in books and this one started out in a very unassuming way, when Jeffrey and Sara stumble over a box buried in the woods, inside the box is the body of a teenage girl. The girl belongs to a religious family, who run their own Church and a soya bean farm.

Again, my main issue with the book was Lena, she grates on me so much, although it was interesting to see a different side to her as well when an ex-boyfriend made a re-appearance. If only we could get rid of Ethan for good.

The question now is, do I have to nerve to go straight onto [b:Skin Privilege|182013|Skin Privilege (Grant County, #6)|Karin Slaughter|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348889964s/182013.jpg|1952659]?